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Cars & Classic Vehicles
Even with modern High Efficiency alternators, the battery never really gets back to it’s full state of charge on cars that that only carry out regular short journeys. If they can be coupled up to a charger / conditioner on a regular basis, all batteries
can be maintained at optimum condition.
Classic cars, particularly with old dynamo chargers, should have a charger / conditioner connected whenever it is not being used for a period of time
BFM-012 / BAH series

Quads & ATV’s
As Quads & ATV’s are normally used for short periods of time, to keep their batteries in a “ready to go” state – then couple to one of the “water resistant” range, where the charger itself is resistant to moisture and will perform for long periods in outdoor conditions.
BFS1210WR / BFS-1215WR


Leisure craft are normally used on a seasonal basis, so to keep the battery packs charged and conditioned when not in use, the life of the batteries will be extended and kept in a condition that will deliver full starting power when required.
BFS1210WR / BFS-1215WR


Battery Fighter products also suit 6V & 12V motorcycle batteries and are well suited to keeping all cell types in good condition
BFM-006 / BFM-012

Caravans & Motor homes
With these often having multiple batteries and their period of use often confined to the summer period, the use of charger/conditioner from the “water resistant” range – they can be left connected over the laid up period and all will be ready for the new season
BFS1210WR / BFS-1215WR